Dianne Hayman MSW RSW Individual & Couples Counselling London, On. 519-601-4034. Affordable Counselling for Individuals & Couples. Social worker. Therapist. Depression. Anxiety.

Does anxiety or depression prevent you from truly engaging life? Does negative thinking colour your days and cloud your mind? Perhaps your relationships are a source of frustration and meaningless tension... 

Everyone needs help navigating life's many challenges. Often help simply comes through friends and family, but there are times when the support of a professional is the better choice. Professional counselling can help you see and understand your problems more comprehensively. Professional counselling can also help you identify strategies to address and resolve those problems-- strategies that are right for you and your life. 

As your professional counsellor I offer:

  • Experience & effectiveness: over 10 years helping individuals & couples in London & surrounding area.
  • Affordable fees: $80/hr
  • Weekday, evening & Saturday office hours & an initial appointment within two weeks
To learn more about who needs counselling, how counselling helps, and my professional qualifications and experience, please click on the page links above. 
Please feel free to call or email to inquire further or to book your appointment today. 

All calls and emails are returned within one business day. 

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