Dianne Hayman MSW RSW Individual & Couples Counselling London On. 519-601-4034 Fees


The fee for a one hour Individual counselling session is $90. 
The fee for an hour and a half couple counselling sessions is $130. 

Extended Health Benefits & Tax Deductions:

  • As a Masters Level Registered Social Worker, extended health care benefits may cover all or part of your counselling services. Please check with your place of employment and insurance provider to see if you have coverage for counselling services provided by an Masters Level Registered Social Worker (MSW RSW)
  • As a Registered Social Worker,  you can claim our counselling sessions as a medical expense tax deduction when you file your income tax return. 
Western University Students: If you are a student at Western, please note that as of January 2018 your benefits will cover up to $750 in counselling services provided by a Psychologist or Registered Social Worker. (01/18)

My office is located in Northwest London near the Oxford and Commissioners intersection.
Parking is available.

My Office Hours are:
Monday-Friday:  9am - 9 pm
Saturdays:           9 am - 5 pm