Dianne Hayman MSW RSW Individual Counselling London, Ontario 519-601-4034 Social Worker. Therapist. Anxiety. Depression. Individual Counselling. Individual Counsellor
I work with individuals ages 12 and older and offer counselling that is insight oriented and goal focused...

My office in Northwest London provides a safe and comfortable space in which you are encouraged to talk about your thoughts, feelings and challenges. As we talk things through, I will ask questions and encourage you to consider aspects of the situation/problem you may not have previously considered.   At times, you may be asked to journal between sessions on aspects of what is distressing you--such as the thoughts and feelings you experience when you are anxious -- or you may be asked to comprehensively journal about significant thoughts and feelings as you go through the day. Journaling in this way can help to shine a light on problematic patterns of thinking and relating or it can  highlight what you do well but struggle to acknowledge/accept --to name just two reasons journaling is a useful therapeutic aid.  Through this process of exploration and thoughtful consideration, you  develop a more comprehensive understanding of your challenges and what needs to change for you to live a healthier life.  With counselling, you can come to see your problems more clearly, find your solutions, and develop the skills you need to support long lasting positive change.

I work with individuals on the following challenges: 

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Relationship challenges
  • Feeling overwhelmed and/or constantly stressed
  • Building self-worth
  • Parenting children of all ages
  • Challenges with transitions 
  • Personal identity and growth
  • Student life
  • Finding a good work-life balance

Dianne Hayman MSW RSW Individual Counselling London Ontario 519-601-4034